The hardships of George’s youth did not define him. Rather, his determination to overcome those unfortunate circumstances makes his story one of redemption. I am glad he is sharing it.

I met George in the first days of the Deepwater Horizon incident. Like most anyone who learns of his past, I was intrigued with the scandalous escapades of his youth and his transformation to a respected business-man but just never knew the details, until now. Unlike any I’ve heard or read, Cups Up is a story of redemption about George’s missteps into dark places as a youngster with the fortitude to find his way out.
— HALEY BARBOUR, governor of Mississippi, 2004–2012
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George Malvaney’s life has had more twists and turns than a Coney Island pretzel. If his myriad experiences prove one thing, it’s that adrenaline is the only drug worth doing, and it is a terrible thing to waste. Very much a man of his time and place, society’s institutions both served and failed Malvaney. Schools and the church not so much, the Navy and prison did better by him. George was one of the lucky ones, he found his purpose in life in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. We are fortunate indeed to have the George Malvaneys of this world in our midst in a time of crisis. “Cups Up is an articulate, timely, and honest narrative about a life that has been very much worth the living. I dare say the late Willie Morris, whose Books in Memoir and Biography series Cups Up is a part of, would’ve recognized George Malvaney and liked him very much.
— WILLIAM DUNLAP, painter and writer