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Author George Malvaney explains the meaning behind the title of his new book, Cups Up.

Facing some of the worst possible circumstances that life can offer a 21-year old. George Malvaney entered a federal penitentiary to begin a four-year sentence.


His parents were in the courtroom when a judge sentenced 21-year George Malvaney to four years in federal prison. George knew it was up to him to reassure his parents he could handle what was coming.

If you are going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

When facing the hell of federal prison, 21- George Malvaney pushed through the toughest time of his life by disciplining his mind, and his emotions. He stayed focused on his goal to come out of prison a better man. Today, he is an executive in the Environmental Response industry at E3 Malvaney says he believes everyone has it in them to overcome, adapt, and change if they will make the choice.


Cups Up Author, George Malvaney, joined the Klu Klux Klan in the late 70’s. But it didn’t long for him to realize the Klan was not where he wanted to be.

When George Malvaney’s life was splashed across newspapers around the country, George was left with trying to explain his past. In, 2013, he sat down to write Cups Up to tell his side of the story. What he found out about George, during the 3-year journey, amazed even him!


Cups Up Author, George Malvaney participates in the panel discussion-"True Crime" at the 2018 Mississippi Book Festival